Application for a Position on the ASCD Board of Directors  


ASCD is a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading.
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The ASCD Nominations Committee is now seeking qualified candidates to fill two positions on the 2018 Board of Directors. Board members serve a four-year term. Completed applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on September 30, 2017.


The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that ASCD’s policies, programs, and services are consistent with ASCD’s values and beliefs. The Board’s constitutionally defined responsibilities include the following:

• Approve ASCD’s strategic framework.
• Fulfill ASCD’s fiduciary responsibilities.
• Align resources to the strategic framework and approve the budget to accomplish that framework.
• Allocate ASCD’s resources.
• Establish external and internal reviews to improve ASCD’s effectiveness.
• Establish working groups to accomplish the work of the Board.
• Adopt, revise, and monitor the implementation of policies and position statements.
• Take action in response to recommended positions and convene the ASCD Forum, if necessary.
• Elect a president and a vice president from the Board of Directors.
• Employ and annually review the performance of the Executive Director.
• Fill vacancies until the next election of the Board members elected by the general membership.
• Review and take action on recommendations for the constitutional review process.
• Review and approve applications for affiliate status and ASCD partnerships and alliances.
• Examine, on a regular basis, its own performance and invest in Board development.
In addition, ASCD policies for members of the Board of Directors identify some specific expectations:
• Follow all conflict-of-interest, confidentiality, and ethics policies.
• Serve on committees and task forces (upon appointment).
• Work in concert with the Executive Director and other members of the Board of Directors.

Board members serve a four-year term. Potential candidates must commit to attending four meetings of the Board of Directors each year:

1. Summer—two days in July (usually during the same week as the Leader to Leader (L2L) conference)
2. Fall—two days at ASCD in October or November
3. Winter—two and a half days at ASCD in January or February
4. Spring—two days, just prior to EMPOWER19 (formerly, Annual Conference)

The Nominations Committee requires applicants selected for an interview to submit an approval from their supervisors to attend these meetings.

In addition to meetings, Board members are expected to serve as active participants on Board subcommittees and task forces upon appointment.


Individuals may
Self-nominate—Professionals may submit an application based on interest and successful experience in a leadership position.
Be recruited—Professionals may be recruited to submit an application if they have demonstrated success in a leadership position, meet the criteria described, and possess the skill sets outlined in the application form.
Be recommended—ASCD’s Constitution (Article V, Section 1) states that “the Board of Directors shall be composed of eight members (elected at large by the general membership), who shall each serve a term of four years; up to three members (appointed by the Board of Directors), who shall each serve a term of up to four years to ensure diversity; and the Executive Director.” The Board Competencies Committee may recommend someone to serve based on demonstrated success of leadership capacity to meet the requirement for diverse representation in ASCD governance. In this case, the recommendation is voted on by members of the Board of Directors.

(Self-nomination, recruitment, or recommendation does not automatically ensure candidacy.)

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