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Please carefully review this information prior to completing the application form.

The ASCD Board of Directors invites ASCD members to apply for service on the 2017 ASCD Nominations Committee by completing this online application form.

ASCD will accept applications until 11:59 p.m. eastern time on May 31, 2017.

A Board nominating committee will review all applications and then develop a slate of ASCD Nominations Committee members for the Board’s approval at the July 2017 meeting.
The ASCD Nominations Committee is charged to recruit, select, interview, and recommend candidates for the Board of Directors.

The Nominations Committee shall consist of two Board members appointed by the President, one of whom shall act as a nonvoting facilitator and the other as an active voting member. The President shall also designate a chair from the membership. The committee shall include up to 10 members approved by the Board of Directors.

Applicants must be ASCD members and be able to provide examples of the following:
• Commitment to ASCD, its mission, and its goals
• Experience in application review and recruitment processes
• Proven teamwork and demonstrated leadership skills and qualities (such as being a good listener, collaborator, and builder of relationships and being respectful, reflective, and innovative.)

Time Commitment
The Board of Directors shall determine if a general member may serve more than two years on the committee. In 2017, the Nominations Committee will meet at the following times:
• September 2017—two-day training session at ASCD headquarters
• November 2017— conference call to determine the pool of applicants to interview
• December 2017—two-day meeting at ASCD headquarters to conduct interviews and determine the slate of Board candidates

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